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Our Value Proposition

We are a one-man shop,  and as such our value proposition is our CEO, Ernie Humphrey.  Ernie has unparalleled success in engaging professionals in the Office of the CFO. Formerly, Ernie served as the Director, Treasury Services, AFP, VP, Marketing & Educational Programs, Proformative , Director, Content, The CFO Alliance. Ernie currently serves as the CEO & COO of Treasury Webinars . Ernie has over 25 years of experience in treasury, corporate finance and in serving the professional development needs of Treasury and Corporate Finance Professionals.




















Keyan Keihani, Marketing Manager, HSBC

"Very rarely do I meet people who maintain a high level of business professionalism with a terrific degree of personality, humor and genuine kindness."


John Kogan, CEO, Proformative

"Proformative would simply not be the leading company it is today without the many, many critical contributions made along the way by Ernie Humphrey. Ernie has been a core part of our product and marketing lifeblood since our earliest days and has provided consistently excellent input and work product, always with a positive attitude. It has been both an honor and a pleasure to work with him."


Chase Bergson, CTP, Director, Treasury Management, SCP Health

I’ve had the opportunity to attend several of Ernie’s webinars throughout the last few years around Corporate Treasury. Ernie is a creative champion in the Corporate Treasury space and constantly provides innovative and impactful content to his followers. Ernie’s wealth of experience accompanied with his passion to help others, makes him a linchpin for the treasury community.

Bryan Gibb, Former Colleague at AFP

"For two years I worked closely with Ernie on a variety of projects at AFP and was always impressed both by his technical skill and dedication to the organization. Ernie had a large and demanding portfolio, but when I needed a subject matter expert to join a project team I was putting together, Ernie would make time in his schedule, even when he was traveling a great deal. I also sat near Ernie at AFP and was able to eavesdrop on some of his networking and client calls - I learned a great deal about patience and good customer service over the years by listening to Ernie handle complex questions, hunt down speakers and promote the organization."






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